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Please let me know BEFORE you leave the hospital that the baby was born, by email, or Facebook.
This allows me to schedule you as soon as possible within that 3-week time frame we strive for after the baby is born. This is when they are the most sleepy and easy to pose. I will then send you a few dates to pick from for your session. I do my sessions Monday-Friday at 10:00 unless you have asked for a Saturday prior to booking.

Parents & Siblings-

If you have chosen, the Simply Newborn package for baby ONLY please limit the number of people that attend the session to 2 adults only, no siblings please. This session can take up to 3 hours and my studio is small, space is limited, and it is very warm.

If you have chosen, the Timeless Newborn package for family/siblings I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you and your spouse, or a relative/friend, drive separately, I will do the sibling and parent poses first then the sibling(s) may be taken home. It is hard for small children to sit still in a quiet, hot studio, and I have found this works the best. If you are not able to drive separately or have someone else take them home there is White House Fruit Farms that is 6 minutes down the road, Coy Park playground that is 3 minutes around the corner or Salem Centennial Park 6 minutes away that a family member can take the sibling(s). There are also multiple places to eat in Salem if you want to take the sibling(s) to get food.

Salem Centennial Park- 472 Park Ave, Salem, OH 44460

Horst Sandwich (highly recommended for subs and salads)



Dunkin Donuts




Burger King

What to Wear- (Timeless Newborn Session ONLY)
I use a black backdrop for family images. I find this really makes the subjects pop and seen in the images. I suggest wearing solid simple colors, n
othing too bright and NO patterns or prints. You don't want to take away from the baby in the images. When planing what to wear think about coordinating and not matching and think about the areas you will displaying the photos and go with colors schemes that match. For baby I pick a color when you arrive to compliment what you are wearing or give your photos a pop of color! You are more than welcome to send me photos of outfits if you cannot decide.

Feeding and Sleeping-

Please feed and burp baby before you come but no more than 30 minutes before leaving to come. A full baby is a sleepy baby. If you live more than 30 minutes away please just try and feed baby as close to the time you will leave as possible or let me know and we can arrange you coming early to feed in my studio before the session.
If you are breastfeeding, please be aware of what you are eating - please avoid spicy foods or any foods that can cause gas for you at least 24 hours before session start time.

If you are bottle feeding or pumping please make sure you have EXTRA BOTTLES because baby will need to be fed or topped off during the session. We want a sleepy baby.
If you are able try to give baby bath before coming, it helps to keep baby slightly awake and then relax and sleep better for session-if not no stressing over it.


If your baby uses a pacifier, please make sure you bring it to the session. Pacifiers help to soothe baby while I am posing them. If you choose not to give your baby a pacifier, please understand some poses may be more difficult or not possible.


Babies Clothing-

Please dress baby in a button or zip up pajamas -NO outfits please. Please only ONE layer (no onesie under the pajamas). Please make sure diaper is a little loose and NO socks. Please do NOT dress baby in anything that must go over their head.


What to Bring-

Your session includes full access to my ever-growing collection of custom newborn props & handmade textiles. Blankets, bonnets, wraps, felted friends, headbands, beds, buckets, baskets, everything needed for your session. Just bring your sweet baby and a diaper bag (with extra diapers).

If you have an item (NOT CLOTHING) that you want your child photographed with please contact me before the session and we will talk about incorporating into the session. I will NOT photograph baby with items brought the day of unless we have planned to incorporate it prior to the session and I do NOT photography baby in outfits brought from home.


Most newborn sessions take up to 3 hours to complete. It can get very boring, I recommend bringing something to keep you occupied, a book, iPad, or maybe take a nap.
Babies love being warm, I keep my studio at 80 degrees during the entire session. It gets pretty hot, please dress accordingly, possibly layers. If you are being photographed at the beginning of the session with baby, you are more than welcome to bring a change of clothes.

My studio does have a restroom and I also supply small snacks, waters and I have a Keurig to make coffee.


Safety and Health-

If anyone has ANY signs of illness, I ask you to PLEASE reschedule your session. I work with newborns and have 2 children of my own and try to keep sickness out of the studio for the safety of my littlest clients and my family. If anyone shows up to the session visibility sick (snotty/runny nose, wet/nasty cough, or they are visible miserable, etc.) you will be asked to leave, and the session will be forfeited with NO refund. Masks are not required in my studio. Also, please limit attendees to only people involved in the session or two adults. Hand washing and hand sanitizing will be done by me, as much as possible. I have hand sanitizer available for client use in my studio. All props (benches, blankets, all newborn props, etc.) will be sanitized before each session.



My In-Home Studio Address:

12707 Youngstown Salem Road
Salem, Ohio 44460
Please park under the basketball hoop and I will meet you outside.

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